At AlexAlexa MediSpa, we provide a variety of full-body skincare treatments to meet your skincare needs, and leave your skin feeling healthier and rejuvenated. We offer a variety of relaxing and effective skin treatment for anyone, of all ages and skin types. We use a variety of techniques and procedures for face and body acne, skin exfoliation, hydration, rejuvenation, and relaxation. A few of these for healthier, more vibrant skin on your face, neck, and back include exfoliants, peels, appropriate laser treatments, and amazing skincare products for your skin. Peels, masks, and exfoliants are only a few of the skin care methods offered by AlexAlexa MediSpa. Whether you are seeking to treat and learn about the care of common skin conditions such as acne, trying to look and feel your best, or simply trying to get away for some personal luxury, AlexAlexa MediSpa is the place for you.  

AlexAlexa MediSpa offers a variety of fantastic full body skincare treatments to nourish and detoxify any skin type. The experts at AlexAlexa MediSpa will help determine what type of facial, peel, or product is best for your skin type, and ensure that your skin is hydrated, detoxed, exfoliated, and cleansed in the way that best suits you. No matter what your skin care needs, the team at AlexAlexa MediSpa have a full body skin treatment for you. Facials, masks, and peels are loaded with benefits for your skin. Get started with effective full body skincare treatment today at AlexAlexa MediSpa.

AlexAlexa MediSpa Body Procedures Include

Laser Lipo Body Contouring

Looking for a Non-Surgical Method to Remove Localized Pockets of Fat? Imagine losing inches in your very first treatment!

Dr. Paul Blair is pleased to offer a remarkable new body contouring procedure, called Lila Body Contouring Laser! This laser treatment will reduce inches off your body with:

Permanent Hair Reduction

Until now, shaving, tweezing, depilatory creams, waxing, and electrolysis were the only forms of hair removal. The new GentleLase System, a revolutionary long-pulse high energy alexandrite laser, makes permanent hair reduction quick and less painful.

During the procedure, the patient and practitioner will wear protective eyewear to shield their eyes from the laser light. Facial and bikini areas can usually be completed in under ten minutes, while other areas may take up to an hour. We recommend 4-6 treatments, but additional treatments may be necessary depending upon your skin color, hair color, and the coarseness of your hair.

Spider Vein Removal

This procedure not only removes spider veins, but also Rosacea, scars, birthmarks, stretch marks, and warts.

During the procedure, you will wear protective eyewear to shield your eyes from the laser light, and a spray of cooling mist will be felt prior to each laser pulse. Slight discomfort may be felt during the procedure; previous patients have described the feeling as the snapping of a rubber band on the skin. However, the discomfort is minimized by Candela’s Dynamic Cooling Device.

AlexAlexa MediSpa offers the advantages of a combined treatment approach supervised by Dr. Blair in conjunction with Spa therapies.

The focus of AlexAlexa MediSpa is to provide services which include facial esthetics, with diagnostic equipment in an attractive, safe and relaxing environment.

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