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The staff at Alex-Alexa project a friendly and professional atmosphere. I feel right at home and always leave feeling good about myself. They help me choose the procedure that works best for me. I have fair skin and have had a lot of trouble with acne in my younger years. With the help of Alex-Alexa my skin looks better than ever. Acne scares have faded away. I told someone my age the other day and they replied “life has been good to you” and I thought “no, Alex- Alexa has been good to me”. It made me feel really good to know that I don’t look my age. I plan to keep visiting the spa on a regular basis, you only get to do life once and when you look good you feel good and it makes everything in life a little easier when you feel good.



I’m guilty of not using proper skin protection from the sun. I actually tanned just about every day in my 20’s and 30s! I so desperately needed to know what to do about the age spots that formed the little dipper on both sides of my face (the glory of getting old). I listened to the various treatment options, but for me the quickest and most intensive approach was the laser method. I underwent two treatments, and viola they were gone! I will always be happy I chose the laser procedure because it was fast, painless, and the results are amazing! My skin tone is more even and the dark, age spots are gone. For the first time in many years I actually love my skin. I love being able to talk with his staff about “real experience”. I love to look at the before and after photo album Dr. Blair has, which are true accounts of different treatment results. It is refreshing to know that this service and information is now so readily available for me. The important aspect is to be under the care of a qualified professional who can guide you through the treatments and ensure their proper use and Dr. Blair’s office did just that! The staff is so very kind and treated me like one of the family. Thanks to each of you for the support that you gave me during my quest to help fight age gracefully.

Thank You



I have been a client of AlexAlexa MediSpa since 2007 & in that time have had many of their services & also used many of the products that they offer. I have always enjoyed a positive experience, in every instance.

There entire staff, including aestheticism Shirley Reynolds are extremely professional, courteous & knowledgeable. The facilities are attractive & clean. The high end products I have used from Alexa are exceptional and I have had great results from them, as well as treatments like microdermabrasion & hydro-facials & BOTOX treatments from Dr. Blair.

I would not hesitate to recommend AlexAlexa MediSpa, to anyone & continue to be an extremely satisfied customer.



I have had nothing but positive experiences with the staff and procedures performed at AlexAlexa. I would recommend any of their products and services to those who are interested! Thanks for doing such a great job and keep up the fantastic work!



My experience with Dr. Blair and staff was great. I had fillers added to my face to get rid of frown lines (from corner of mouth down) and it was wonderful. I have had so many people telling me how much better and younger I look. Also I had permanent make up (Eye-Liner) and it is the best and most wonderful thing I have ever did for myself. Only thing I wish I had done this years ago because it looks great all the time. I will have more things done in the future.


To Dr. Blair & Staff:

Firstly, I want to thank you, Dr. Blair, for recommending the Quadra Laser treatment for my face. I thought it really helped brighten and even out my complexion. I am planning on having another procedure done in the fall.

Secondly, I would like to thank your staff who was very experienced and helpful. I would call in with questions after the procedure and they would take their time and answer all of my questions.

I hope in the future to take advantage of some of your other services; because I’m sure I will be satisfied.

Thank you



A few years ago, I started noticing a few stray black hairs on my chin and neck. No big deal…l just started plucking them with tweezers. As time went on, those ‘few hairs’ multiplied to several. In fact, there were so many I sometimes felt as if I had a “man’s beard”. My self-confidence was extremely affected. I continued to use tweezers to remove the hairs but started developing obstacles. Many times the hairs would become ingrown or I would experience some bleeding when I removed them with tweezers. It became a weekly cycle for me. Sunday afternoons, I would disappear to the bathroom for 2-3 hours to stand in front of the magnifying mirror to start plucking the hair. Inevitably, l missed some or just simply could not get them removed because they were ingrown. When the plucking was complete, I would grab the shaving cream and a razor and try to shave away those that remained. What was left? An extremely red, irritated neck and chin that was sore to touch and not very pleasing to see. I would continue to shave the area the other days of the week and tried to hide the redness and irritation with makeup. At work, I would be sure to keep a safe distance when talking with anyone so hopefully they wouldn’t see my neck and chin. When Friday evening arrived, I began my time of seclusion. I tried to never leave home on Friday, Saturday or Sunday in order to give the hair time to grow so that I could start plucking them again on Sunday afternoon. Finally, enough was enough. My life was being affected and it was time to try another option. I began an internet search for a local business that offered laser hair removal. That’s when I came across Alex-Alexa. From day one, I felt extremely comfortable. Donna provided a full consultation and explanation of what l could expect. She earned my trust and that was extremely important as she was about to see something that I had spent so much time trying to hide. My first treatment was painful and I seriously wondered if it was worth it. But, when I started to notice the hair falling out I knew I had to keep trying. I continued to receive the treatments every 4-6 weeks and by the time I had the last one in the series, I was amazed. Each treatment hurt less as time went on and I had much less hair growth each time I went. Donna was there with me every step of the way and her encouragement helped to keep me coming back. Now, two years later, l would consider myself to be nearly ‘hair-free’. I continue to have touch-up treatments twice a year. There is nearly no re-growth at all and the treatment is pain free. I will continue to do the touch-ups as long as I can because I never want to go back to where I was a few years ago. Laser hair removal is amazing and the staff at Alex-Alexa is the nicest around. They make you feel comfortable and make showing something so personal a lot easier to do. Thank you Alex-Alexa!

Thank you



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  • AlexAlexa MediSpa offers the advantages of a combined treatment approach supervised by Dr. Blair in conjunction with Spa therapies.

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